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Character | Marceline the Vampire Queen
Series | Adventure Time

Construction Notes // Hat was purchased off of ebay, the biggest bad boy i could find and attached the blue band out of leftover fabric I had. Wig is 2 wigs purchased from taobao sewn together for maximum LENGTH and THICKNESS, originally 2 curly wigs that I relaxed with a steamer. Ears bought from a Halloween store. Fangs are scarecrow brand. Gloves are turkey gloves made out of a stretchy thick poly fabric, tank top was made out of a poly jersey, pants were foolishly made out of only 2 way stretch cotton sateen, very hard to move around in and frankly makes me look like I have wicked camel toe from the wrong angle. Put an invisible zipper up the side to get into them. Boots were purchased in Santi Alley in LA, they were the perfect color but I had to shorten them and cut down the backs, make pleather red bows and hand sew them to the boots. The Bass was made out of craft foam and vinyl, the neck is real wood though!

Personal Notes // I love cosplaying Marceline so much it feels so right & I love Tayla as bonnie....she's so nice and pink! This episode was also...emotional so I'm really glad this was the first time I ever wore Marceline, I waited for the right time.

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