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Character | Mikoko Sakazaki
Series | Tobaku Hakairoku Kaiji

Construction Notes // wig was purchased from fantasy sheep in 2011, scarf was bought from amazon and altered slightly by me, coat was borrowed from my friend Tayla! I replaced the buttons on it but besides that it was perfect! Skirt was made out of cotton, which I painted with the pattern using fabric paint and painters tape to get the lines crispy, skirt under it is cotton sateen with ruffles finished with a napkin hem. Shoes were bought from good will, picnic basket was bought from amazon dot com!

Personal Notes // Skye and I had been planning to do these costumes waayyyyy back when season 2 of kaiji was first airing, so 2010-2011 time period! Then we ended up rewatching all of kaiji together with our room mate (& the photographer for this shoot!) in 2017 which got us ALL BACK IN THE HYPE!!! This shoot was so fun, I'm going to treasure these pictures forever. All I had to do with think about Kaiji and act natural, which was easy because Skye is such a good Kaiji!!!!

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