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Character | Mima Kirigoe
Series | Perfect Blue

Construction Notes // Shoes were purchased from ebay, painted with angelus leather paint to be the right color. Thigh highs were purchased from We Love Colors, then the pink satin was gathered and sewn down to the top of them. Petticoat under the skirt was made by Jessie Pridemore. costume is made of satin left over from my Shadow Yukiko dress. The skirt is 2 circle skirts cut open and then sewn together, then gathered at the center. Horsehair is on the hem of the white skirt, and gathered pink fabric with a napkin hem in sewn on the edge of that. The white skirt just kind of floats free, but the tiny pink skirt at the top (which is also two circle skirts cut open, sewn together and gathered) had 1" horse hair in the hem, and is sewn down by hand at the individual curves to keep it in place. Big bow on the back of the costume is the same matte pink satin as the ruffles,interfaced. The skirt has 2 layers of stiff tulle under it gathered to keep it lifted more, but it still needed the petticoat for that extra lift! The 2 layers of gathered tulle, white skirt and pink skirt and pink bow are all attached to one VERY WIDE/THICK piece of elastic, so the skirt just slides on and off, which lead to more adjusting during the shoot than I would have liked but it seemed like the easiest way to make it happen to me! Gloves were purchased from a bridal store, headband was bought from a craft store and covered with the matching pink satin by cutting a strip of fabric on the bias so it had just enough stretch to go around the headband smoothly. The Bodice is 3 layers of fabric, the facing (white satin), interfacing which has steel boning attached to it, and a simple acetate lining. It closes up the back with a very thick white plastic separating zipper, the pattern was borrowed from my bunny suit, with a very cinched waist and very open hips/bust. It's 2 front panels, 2 side panels, 2 back side panels, and 2 back center panels, so a 4 panel bodice. Straps on the shoulder are satin elastic! Wig was purchased from ebay, needed no styling was perfect right out the bag!

Personal Notes // Perfect Blue is one of my all time favorite movies, and I think i've every ahead of its time. I am so incredibly happy I was able to make this costume the way I wanted and shoot it with two of the most talented photographers I know!

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