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Character | Marquise Spinneret Mindfang
Series | Homestuck/MSPA

Construction Notes // Originally I was going to make it out of Vinyl but then I realized OTAKON HEAT so I made it out of a nice thick cotton twill instead. I took a lot of liberties with the design because to be honest I think the design is pretty ugly. So instead of a long shapeless coat I have a 5 1/2 circle skirt with a horsehair hem, tattered tool and organza in the back, a faux corset (it’s gommeted but I didn’t bone it whoops lazy), and a top with princess seams and an invisible zipper up the middle.Gloves are made out of the same material as the armor, which is a matte vinyl! Armor attaches with velro and is made of styrene. Except for the hat & the armor the cording is hand sewed on the top, corset and skirt. The shoes were $20 off of ebay then I painted them red with leather paint! Horns are battered model magic. My wig is my old Vriska wig wefted together with another super duper long black curly wig, since I wanted MORE VOLUME. Anyway, overall I’m pretty happy with it! I wish I had boned my corset in retrospect but besides that I'm happy.

Personal Notes // I adore mindfang, I think she's by far one of the coolest characters in Homestuck and her relationships with the pyrope and maryam ancestors makes me WEAK. I was very excited to have a big fat feather in my hat.

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