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Character | Supergirl
Series | DC Comics

Construction Notes // Made from milskin spandex! The skirt is two circle skirts gathered and sewn to a band, which I hand sewed the belt loops to. The skirt was hemmed with a pearl hem using my serger! The boots are spandex boot covers over a favorite pair of pumps, and a piece of kung-fu panda poster cut into the shape of the yellow shape at the top, then covered in yellow spandex and hand sewn to the top of the boot cover. The belt was a belt I bought, primed and spray painted without it exploding, god bless. The top is just a tight spandex top, with the supergirl symbol heat n bonded on, and the cape hand sewn on the collar. The Collar is a big ass a line skirt that's gathered at the middle of the very top. The yellow trim is more milskin spandex cut into strips and sewn on via top stitching due to time constraints. the little yellow cuffs were made the same way I made the yellow bits on my boots - kung-fu panda poster covered in spandex! Overall I was pretty happy with how this costume came out but I wish I'd had time to hand sew the cape trim on. It rippled a lot more than I wanted.

Personal Notes // I've always really loved this design and thought it was cute as hell, I'm glad I finally had an excuse to make it when Krista needed a super girl to match her evil supergirl!! This costume holds a special place in my heart because this is the first time I met Krista!!

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