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Character | 18+ Only Hero: Midnight
Series | My Hero Academia

Construction Notes // Shoes bought from a thrift store, boot covers made out of vinyl. Little red pieces are craft foam covered in vinyl and then glued onto the boot covers. Thigh high socks are made from a poly jersey I thought was a good color, elastic band in the top of the stockings to keep them secure. The socks are directly attached to the garters, and the garters are attached to the belt. The belt is craft foam with pleather attached, studs bought at a trim store and put in by hand. The belt buckle is craft foam and fabric, backed with velcro so that it can be taken off the belt to get it on and off. Body suit is made from milskin matte spandex, corset is made of vinyl and powermesh with steel boning, grommets put in myself. the vinyl underwear attaches to the corset and belt to keep them in place. The neck piece has an opening in the back and is hand sewn to the corset, red studs are the same as the gold ones on the belt but spray painted red, and red shapes are craft foam covered in vinyl. Mask is worbla heat molded to my face then covered with vinyl. Cat o nine-tails was bought from a halloween store, then replaced with real red leather pieces purchased from a fabric store. The Wig was bought from taobao, layered and styled with hairspray by me. 

Personal Notes // This character doesn't matter but she's my brand and I love My Hero Academia so here I am. Also Crystal makes the most perfect Mt. Lady, so I'm very happy we got to wear them together. Thank you Adam for doing such an amazing job shooting us! 

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