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Character | Nami
Series | One Piece

Construction Notes // The bikini and bolero are just jersey and pretty simple but I'm actually really proud of the skirt and jewelry! All bikini designs were heat n bonded on. The skirt was my first time working with horse hair and it created the exact look I was going for! I am abysmal at crafting so making craft foam bracelets was a big deal for me! Shoes were a find from etsy, and wig was purchased from taobao.

Personal Notes // I've always had this weird relationship with One Piece where I loved the art and the characters but could never make it past the Usopp arc and had to stop watching it because it was too boring. So then Mariel asked me to make Alabasta Nami to go with her Vivi and I sat down & watched 100 episodes of One Piece over the course of a month and got really really into it!

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