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Character | Asuka Langley Sohryu
Series | Neon Genesis Evangelion

Construction Notes // I took a lot of queues from Jessie Pridemore's ballerina Asuka that she made, and definitely wouldn't have had such an easy time making mine if I hadn't  around while she made hers. Tiara was bought from the NYC costume jewelry district, shoes were bought from ebay then I made covers fo them out of spandex that matched the satin I used for the top. Made panties out of the same spandex. Skirt is several layers of tulle, and I pearl hemmed wire into the edge of it to make the weird kinky effect asuka's skirt has in the art. Bodice is made from satin, lined and lightly boned. Ruffled white cotton sateen, attached it to pink satin, glued little half pearls on. Choker is a blue satin ribbon with a snap closure in the back, hair fluffs is feather boa bobby pinned. Wig is two wigs from ebay sewn together.

Personal Notes // I've always loved this costume and had such a fun time making it! Shooting Eva with Krista is always a blast, and Tif made us both feel so elegant and beautiful!!

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