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Character | Asuka Langley Shikinami
Series | Neon Genesis Evangelion

Construction Notes // I started with a vinyl mock up and someone helped me mark the suit. After that I cut it apart and pattered the entire thing myself which took about 8 hours!! But now i have the pattern if I ever need to make this again. the costume is made from a combination of matte vinyl (the white and black) and regular shiny vinyl (everything else) UNFORTUNATELY i couldn't find this exact shade of purple in anything but 2 way stretch so my leggings are 2 way stretch which means i can't really...move my legs. I got all my fabric from spandex house except the purple which i got from an ebay seller! Everything is either serged together or zigzagged stitched. pretty much everything is sewn in with the exception of the little orange pieces on my hands and the green shoulder pieces which are fabric glued on. The marks on the costume are simply sharpied on. Once the body suit was sewn together completely I added an extra piece to the shoes to cover the shoes completely and add the black/orange to the shoes. The collar was made out of craft foam and wood filler, once completely sanded it was plastidipped and painted! The armor pieces are done in the same way, craft foam glued together, then wood fillered and sanded many times, then plastidipped and painted! It was superglued to the plug suit to keep it on. My backpack is stacked craft foam covered in vinyl, which attaches to my back with Velcro over my zipper! Bought my hair nodes from ebay, got my shoes from payless. biggest errors in making this pug suit - FOR SOME REASON MY ARMS ARE TOO LONG i don't know why bc i took some length off when i patterned it but i guess not enough. Also, i patterned the armor into the suit as fabric which was stupid, i should have made the entire front panel solid red and just put the armor on where it needed to go. Because I fucked up and tried to fix it there's some weird puckering action going on that isn't hugely noticeable but it's very annoying.

Personal Notes // I love Asuka. designs!

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