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Character | Asuka Langley Sohryu
Series | Neon Genesis Evangelion

Construction Notes // Ears are silk taffeta with wire inside to keep them up, attached to a headband. Wig is two wigs purchased from ebay sewn together into one wig. Hair balls are ping pong balls painted red and attached to rubber bands. Cuffs ad collar are made from cotton sateen. Bunny suit is a 4 panel suit, 4 layers of lining, interlining, interfacing and taffeta facing. Steel boning and stays, big plastic zipper up the back. I tried to make it make my chest look smaller since Asuka has a much smaller chest than I do, but it just ended up fitting funny.

Personal Notes // Wearing these at NYCC was really uncomfortable but it was still really fun to get to be Bunny Girls with Meesh! I love bunny girls & I love Asuka so this was inevitable.

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