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Character | Rei Ayanami
Series | Neon Genesis Evangelion

Construction Notes // Wig purchased from ebay. Headband is just a feather boa bobby pinned into place. Bought a white leotard from a dance store, glued feathers to the front and attached a jewel broach. Satin ribbon necklace closes with snaps. Shoes purchased from ebay! Skirt is made from several layers of tulle with over 800 rhinestones glued to it! There's also a sequin trim hand sewn to the edge of 2 of the layers.

Personal Notes // I've been wanting to make a 'pretty' costume for a while now but I basically don't like any shows with 'pretty' character designs. Fortunately gainax like to draw fanart of their own characters, so Jessie &I decided to make these!

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