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Character | Rei Ayanami
Series | Neon Gensis Evangelion

Construction Notes // I made both the Rei & Asuka costumes out of cotton satin, lined the sleeves in cotton, self lined the skirts. The black circles on the sleeves are also cotton satin, satin stiched on. I used Rufflebutt/Jessie's pattern for a Yukata and altered it. The Obi's are made out of crepe and heavily interfaced, the orange stripe is gorgeous silk, and the bows on our butts are made from rope at home depot plus some wire and hot glue. Shoes were purchased online, socks were bought, asuka's were dyed red, and buttons were sewn on. Rei wig purchased from ebay. Fox mask made by CeruleanDraco!

Personal Notes // I think these outfits are so cute, I'd really love to wear them again!

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