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Character | Noriko Takaya
Series | Aim for the top! Gunbuster

Construction Notes // The Leotards are made out of Spandex, striipe sewn in, hip things hand sewn on. The shirts/leg/arm warmers are made from stretch jersey, and the shoes are made of something totally glue repellent. White pleather strip with a piece of craft foam covered in spandex on the shoes. The red on my shirt is heat n bonded on!! Shirts are gathered at the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt. Wearing capezio dance tights, wig purchased from fantasy sheep. FIGHT-O!

Personal Notes // I love gunbuster so much, this series is so beautiful and important to anime history. I love how much you can see the beginnings of Gurren lagann and Kill la Kill in gunbuster. I love Gainax, I love Noriko, I love diebuster. My heart is full of pure gunbuster love. I'm so happy I got to wear this with my friends!!

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