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Character | Olivia
Series | Fire Emblem: Awakening

Construction Notes // The absolutely gorgeous circlets were made for me by Jason/Cerulean Draco!!!!

The armor is all made out of worbla with a few heavy lace accents glued on. I gesso'd and primed everything then just painted it gol, it came out alright looking but I'm not very good with props so it as passable for me. The Black is organza, the sequins on the arm warmers were hand sewn on. The White fabric is a really gorgeous poly-cotton jersey so it's super soft and has a lovely sheen! the costume is lined in double knit jersey so it's super thick and secure and opaque!!! The gold on the costume is a really lovely gold pleather trim. Wig purchased from taobao.

Personal Notes // This costume is a little surprising, Olivia isn't the type of character I usually cosplay, but I thought she was so cute and charming & have a fondness for dancer designs!! I've been a huge fan of the Fire Emblem series since I was younger after playing Path of Radiance & Radiant Dawn, so I'm very happy I finally got to cosplay from it, even if it wasn't my favorite game I was really happy to see how much Awakening got people interested in the series.

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