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Character | Genos
Series | One Punch Man

Construction Notes // Wig was originally ordered from taobao as a Bakugo wig, so it was very easy to spike. Lots of crimping, teasing and hair spray took about 8 hours all together. Shirt was made out of a very thick and springy poly-jersey, jeans are from H&M men's section. Made a black matte vinyl shirt and sewed velcro to it. Sarah made the arm & hand armor out of foam like an absolute genius, and attached it to the velcro on the black shirt I made. I made the Saitama costume out of a not super stretchy poly jersey, gloves & boot covers are vinyl. The belt is a matte pleather wrapped around craft foam, and the cape is a thin cotton jersey (about 5 yards of it!) Used the HEY CUT/SEW flight suit pattern as a base for the Saitama body suit, hand sewed the cape to the body suit so it stays in place. 

Personal Notes // Never before have I truly felt like the Genos to someone's Saitama but these characters suit me and Sarah so well it's just absurd. We've talked about cosplaying them for quite a while but I honestly never expected it to happen just bc wearing a bald cap is a huge commitment on Sarah's part but we made it happen!! Thank you Adam for shooting, this was such a pleasant day in our beautiful city. 

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