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Character | Haruhi Fujioka
Series | Ouran High School Host Club

Construction Notes // My favorite fabric store was having a sale on white cotton sateen and I ended up buying 11 yards of it, which I used for a ton of costume including this one! It's a big ol circle skirt that's slightly gathered, poofy interfaced sleeves with tulle inside of them, and the top part that goes over my chest is really soft doubled over Jersey. The yellow is matte stain on the bias so it stretches, closes with an invisible zipper up the back! Wig purchased from ebay!

Personal Notes // This had been kind of a dream costume for me for a long time but I never made it because I felt like I wasn't 'cute' enough to pull it off???  but I love this series so much and I love haruhi so much! I'm really glad I finally decided to do this costume, because the shoot I did was Tif was amazing and one of my favorite shoot memories!!! She really knows how to make a girl feel beautiful. 

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