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Character | Jolyne Kujo
Series | Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

Construction Notes // Wig was made by me,  base pink wig was a curly wig from amazon that i straightened with a straightening iron, blue wig i had laying around i had no use for, also started wavy. Made the base of the buns out of pink spandex and stuffing, covered in wefts using hot glue and fabric glue, once dry i glued them into the wig. Made braids out of the wefts and glued them in! Butterfly is made from funky craft paper from Micheal's and rhinestones! Attaches to the top with velcro! Top and bottom made from spandex i found on ebay! Self lined the top, attaches to a pair of matching underwear with snaps. Belt is made from 4 way stretch vinyl and several layers of neoprene. Belt buckle made from craft foam and wood filler, plastidipped, primed and painted! The shoe pants are a pattern i'm really proud of!! They're weirdly baggy on the calfs to get that jolyne look. Squares are made of craft foam, craft paper, hot glue and studs from ebay! Coat is made from 2 way stretch silver vinyl, lined in a poly taffeta, interfaced with tulle on the bottom half of the coat and horse hair attached to the lining to give it more LIFE.

Personal Notes // I god damn love stone ocean, I was soooo happy that we got to GET THE BAND BACK TOGETHER for this group!!! everyone looked so good and I always have so much fun just bein with MUH GURLS!!! Adam also did a phenomenal job on the photos, i will treasure these pictures FOREVER

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