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Character | Poison
Series | Final Fight

Construction Notes // Making this costume actually stressed me out a lot because I had to order so much stuff in the mail. I altered the length of the chain to match the figure, bought and attached a chain the jeans, my friend jessie let me have a pair of her old jeans to cut up! which I did, and then frayed them, and made the back a bit smaller. The top I made out of jersey, the necklace and arm band were vinyl bands, and have buckles/doo dads on them that I picked out to match the figure! Sewed leather bias tape to the hat, along with buttons and the skull!! VERY EASY but weird to make something where I didn't have to sew so much and just spend a lot of time looking for the right items online. Wig was ordered from Ayanamisatoru, layered and the hair I took out I turned into wefts and then re-inserted them into the wig for extra thickness.

Personal Notes // Poison KISS~ ♡♡♡♡ SO HAPPY I FINALLY GOT TO COSPLAY POSION!!! I love poison sooooo much dream girl pls marry me!!!! This is based on the Yamato Capcom Girl's Collection, although I went with blue eyes instead of yellow bc i thought it was dumb she had yellow eyes in that statue.

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