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Character | Poison Ivy
Series | DC Comics

Construction Notes // I bought a bunch of Ivy at a gardening shop, and cut each leaf off, then hand sewed them all on to a cover made to fit over my Stocking Bunny Suit. This took a ridiculous amount of time because I wanted the leaves to actually look like they had some rhyme & reason to them rather than just haphazardly slapping them on to cover as much square space as possible. I also wanted to sew them rather than glue them because it would be more secure and I didn't want to risk damaging the bunny suit underneath it. Tights were bought rom The Sock Man in NYC and dyed with RIt dye, shoes were painted green with angelus leather paint along with the gloves, which I then made attachments for out of interfacing to create the bell shape on the gloves, which I also attached ivy leaves to. Wig from ebay, leaves hand sewn into it.

Personal Notes // Ivy is an extremely important character to me and the shoot we did with LJinto was a DREAM come true!!! I really want to cosplay Ivy again some time, she's such an incredible character.

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