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Character | Portgas D. Ace
Series | One Piece

Construction Notes // Hat was purchased from ebay, with laterations made by Lordponty - the smiley faces were made by Lordponty, as was basically everything on my costume that wasn't something I could sew. This includes the belt buckle and the knife, as well as the treasure chest! The bikini was a plain triangle bikini I purchased then hand sewed pleather over, belts were made out of pleather and studs were put in by me. Shorts were purchased at a good will and altered, blue pouch/belt was made by me. Shoes were purchased from good will then I made a cover/belts for them and glued everything over the base shoe to get a more accurate shape. Necklace was made by me, purchased beads in the LA garment district, made it happen. Tattoos were purchased from taobao!  

Personal Notes // I never thought I would cosplay Ace, but it was absolutely necessary to do with Sarah, who is always going to be my Luffy. This shoot was really special to me and I'm so glad we got to do it with Alf, who has the eye and heart of an artist! Thank you Sarah for making so much of my costume and wearing Luffy!!!! 

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