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Character | Priestess Rao
Series | OKAMI

Construction Notes // It's basically just a jersey tube dress with a yellow 'obi' piece sewn in, and the blue part over the chest sewn in too. The sleeves are just weird bell sleeves, and the trim is just sewn on. The bow is attached in the back and was interfaced, the hood is basically just a circle with a hood attached that's a bit big, so it's folded over itself to mimic rao's hood. The necklace is on a bunch of elastic strings and attaches to the hood via hooks & eyes. It's a super simple dress, the hard part was painting it BECAUSE I HATE PAINTING THINGS I'm glad the cell shading ended up looking cool because it was painful to do. I just used black fabric paint.

The bead necklace was made by TINA/porkbuns

Personal Notes // Okami is by far one of the best, most beautiful games I've ever played, I hope I get to cosplay more characters from it eventually!

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