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Character | San
Series | Princess Mononoke

Construction Notes // Shoes are flats covered in faux suede with batting in the toe to give it a cute shape! Dress is made from cotton sateen, and the apron is linen. Cape is faux fur with two furry arms also attached, and claw looking beads attached to each arm. Necklace was beads I found in the bead district that I spray painted white and put on a leather string. Earrings are sea shells I found and attached earring heads to! Arm bands and head band is made from leather look spandex with small sea shell beads. I left everything unhemmed since i figured hers would be too. Spear is literally a stick i spent like 40 minutes looking for in the woods with a rock I hammered into shape then tied to the stick with leather string!

Personal Notes // Princess Mononoke is the first Miyazaki film I ever saw and I feel like I've just come to appreciate it more over the years!!

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