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Character | Panty Anarchy
Series | Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Construction Notes // After a lot of labor and feathers I'm super happy with how this dress turned out! I really wanted to make it three separate tiers of skirt like in the anime, and I did which took a lot more fabric than I originally thought. Once I made the dress which was a basic princess seam bodice with boning and interfacing the bottom two tier of skirt were made detachable, and I glued 3 different kinds of feathers to the skirts and dress in layers using modge podge! My shoes are just heels that I leather painted and glossed white, the boa was a lucky find - I really wanted to get an off white boa since the dress itself was supposed to be white! My wig is my regular Panty wig that I hand sewed Velcro to, then glued a Styrofoam ball to and wrapped the hair around, keeping it in place with bobby pins, that way I wouldn't need to buy a new panty wig!! Dress is made of matte satin, gloves are bought and all jewelry is bought from the costume jewelry district in NYC.

Personal Notes // I love this Panty outfit and had a fantastic time wearing her with Natalie & shooting with James! I hope I get to wear this costume again sometime.

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