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Character | Panty Anarchy
Series | Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Construction Notes // I made the hat out of faux suede and interfacing, hand sewed the bulk of it together, painted pins to match the reference image, bought a white tank top and lined it in white jersey, bought a bunch of gold chains and beads to make the necklace and jewelry myself, made the brown belt out of vinyl and had grommets put in, made the belt buckle out of aluminum, bought shorts then took them in, added studs and buttons for the designs, and for the shoes painted a pair then made top covers which I studded and sewed on. Wig bought from taobao. Gun made by Lionel Lum!

Personal Notes // I adore this version of Panty and had such a wonderful time cosplaying it with my friend Gin!

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