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Character | Stocking Anarchy
Series | Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

Construction Notes // Bunny suit is 4 layers of satin, interfacing, interlining and cotton lining. Steel stays and steel boning, big fat plastic zipper up the back.  Cuffs and collars are made from cotton sateen. Fishnets and tights under them were bought at a local NYC store, buttons on the cuffs were bought from Daytona Trim. Wig was purchased from taobao, no styling required it was already perfect! Ears are interfaced satin with wire inside of them, wrapped around a headband!

Personal Notes // I really wanted to make a Stocking outfit since I actually quite like her character, but I'm not a big fan of lolita, so when she had a bunny outfit I pretty much had to make it! Plus Jessie had made bunny Panty, it was destiny.

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