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Character |  Roxy Lalonde
Series | Homestuck/MSPA

Construction Notes // Gloves and thigh highs made from wet look spandex, shoes I bought then painted purple with fabric paint and replaced the laces. The dress is made from cotton jersey doubled over, and ripped/torn, with beads sewn in loops by hand over it. The belt is made from 3 strings of crystals all threaded to be a belt! The gun was a purchased airsoft sniper rifle that I attached a PVC pipe to, and a barrel which I made out of styrene. I then painted it all red much to my own amazement, and hand painted on the batterwitch symbol. The little grey buttons are sculpy that I painted and glued on!

Personal Notes // This is my favorite Roxy outfit & this part of homestuck was honesty SO GOOD!!! I'd really like to wear this costume again sometime

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