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Character | Rei Hino
Series | Sailor Moon

Construction Notes // Wig purchased from ebay, puffed up the bangs for some 90's energy but otherwise it didn't require too much styling. I made the costume in 2012 (and shot this costume in 2022, whoops) so I wasn't able to actually close the back on myself as I've grown quite a bit since then. But with the power of not caring and elastic it still photographed great! The shoes are my old Kanaya shoes with black elastic bands glued to the inside of them for the bands. The socks were purchased as plain white then has red elastic sewn to them. The skirt is a knife pleated skirt made from cotton. The fuku is fake and detachable with snaps, since this costume double as her winter uniform as well (I made a separate top out of the same material, but long sleeved. The white sleeves are not a full top, but actually just Sleeve pieces hand sewn into the arm holes since I didn't want the costume to look bulky and add a full layer. Top is made from cotton sateen, and the embroidery on her uniform was made by me on my embroidery machine. 

Personal Notes // This was a beautiful New York City day with my favorite people that ended with Shake Shack, really fantastic stuff.

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