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Character | Catherine
Series | Catherine

Construction Notes // Satin ribbon was bought from a trim store, made a bow out of it and attached that to the ribbon. Cut inverted V shapes into the ends of the ribbon & burned them to keep them from fraying. First Catherine wig is a lighter yellow, made from some crappy wig store wigs at the last minute, fibers were too short and generally pretty bad quality but I tried to make it work. The fibers are hot glued around a wire & clear tape drill curl base, both on the outside and inside which as a huge pain. Wires extend into the wig & bend to lay flat against my head, keeping the curls very upright. Second Catherine wig was made using the same method but much cleaner since the fibers were of better quality & a better length.

Personal Notes // This is one of my favorite Catherine outfits, I find the whole being a present thing to be insanely cute.

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