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Character | Sakura Matou
Series | Fate/STAY

Construction Notes // shoes are boot covers made from 4 way stretch vinyl, the shoe armor (and all the purple bits) is made from pleather, which I painted purple with leather paint, over craft foam. They attach to the shoes with velcro so I can get them on and off with out messing up the armor bits. Dress is a vinyl tube lined in jersey, gloves are vinyl tubes with little bits of craft foam wrapped in vinyl for the hand cover things. all the bracelets are made from craft foam with the pleather glued over it!  got the wig from amazon prime since i decided to do this costume kinda last minute and honestly this wig kinda sucks - i tried dying it a darker color for sakura and it didn't take the dye at alllll it just wasted my time.

Stakes were made by ceruleandraco!!!! thank you so much jason!!!

Personal Notes // Made to match TATTO's archer Rin! I've always wanted to cosplay medusa so this seemed like a two birds one stone situation. I was also really excited to cosplay Fate with Jessie! It's been one of her favorite series since I met her, so I was really glad to finally get to do some costumes from it with her!

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