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Character | Shadow Yukiko Amagi
Series | Persona 4

Construction Notes // My first time making a bodice/big dress! The top is made from matte satin and lined in cotton, the skirt is some kinda stiff poly satin. I made a hoop skirt that goes under it which was made out of cotton sateen, as well as a kinda..petti type thing that makes the hoops less visible that's also made out of cotton sateen. Princess seam bodice, little bit of steel boning, bought roses and hand sewed them on. Ribbons sandwiched between two layers of fabric and scrunched/tied up to create the draping on the light pink skirt. I can't actually remember a lot of the details of making this dress cause it was a while ago, whoops. Wiig ordered from ebay, contacts bought from a Halloween store.

Personal Notes // Shadow Yukiko is by far my favorite character in persona 4, and the shadows in general are my favorite part of the game itself. I was really happy doing this group at the time I did.

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