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Character | Sailor Star Fighter
Series | Sailor Moon

Construction Notes // The boots are bootcovers that are interfaced at the top to keep the points stiff, which was also done with the gusseted gloves. The shorts are lined in black spandex which the yellow is doubled over and sandwiched between, the bra is a bra top with pieces interfaced and hand sewn over it. The blue bra straps are satin elastic as is the stomach piece. The fuku is interfaced with cotton. The center pieces on the bra were made by our lovely Healer, Amanda!! The Gold headbands were made by myself and Amanda, and the ear pieces were a collaborative effort between all three of us!! The bulk of these costumes is made of black 4 way stretch vinyl purchased from spandex house. Wig bought from a local wig shop in NYC, along with extensions which I wrapped with white jersey and sewed into the back of the wig.

Personal Notes // This was a dream costume of mine, and I could not have been happier with how our group turned out. I love Seiya, I hope I can cosplay them again soon!

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