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Character | Super Sailor Uranus
Series | Sailor Moon

Construction Notes // The boots were originally knee high, cut and hemmed then painted with leather paint, belts made from pleater and painted with the same leather paint, attached with hot glue. The skirt is two circle skirts pleated but un-ironed down, finished with a pearl hem. The bows are all fake bows stuffed with a bit of batting, heart is a clear soap mold cut out and spray painted on the inside, the fuku is interfaced and the bias tape is hand sewn on. The sleeve armor is made out of clear plastic folders from staples, the tiara are styrene and craft foam covered in gold lame with a opal gem I found in the bead district glued on, which stays on with little hair clips. The necklaces are ribbon with a gold star stud attached. The gloves and leotard are double knit white, and the leotard is doubled over on my chest to create the 'armor' look the sailor fuku's have. The rolls on my sleeve, gloves and hips are made with patience and batting. The skirt, fuku, glove rolls and bows are all made of matte satin. Wig was purchased from a local NYC wig store. Sword made by Lionel Lum!

Personal Notes // I love Haruka, we all need more butch women in our lives.

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