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Character | Boobies Waitress
Series | Space Dandy

Construction Notes // shorts are lined in milskin spandex, outer layer is spandex and wet look spandex for the white, heart window is interfaced/sewed to another piece of interfaced spandex then flipped around and hand tacked down. Cuffs are interfaced wet look spandex and the buttons are craft foam with vinyl heat n bonded to them. Top is spandex sewn over a bra, which i was fortunately able to use my machine for most of. Fuku is interfaced on one side and the trim is hand sewn on. Shoes were purchased and painted with angelus leather paint, zipper was hot glued on top once the paint was dry. Little ears were purchased from ebay, attached with double stick tape. Wig is from taobao! Boards were made by ceruleandraco!!

Personal Notes // This outfit is so cute I am obsessed with heart shaped boob/butt windows!! Dandy is also a wonderful series I'm glad Shinichiro Watanabe finally gets to show us all a good time.

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