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Character | Starfire
Series | DC Comics

Construction Notes // wig is 3 wigs all purchased from ebay sewn together, body paint i used was Ben Nye waterbased in orange (it was OK, kinda too bright for starfire honestly) contacts from pinky paradise! Costume was made out of a spandex I bought in the LA garment district and fleece to create a little more dimension in the arm pieces and leg pieces! (I lined/in some cases double lined the arm/leg/neck pieces and then top stitched!) made little boot covers out of matching fabric! My boobs aren't held up with anything that's just where they live in my body. I commissioned ceruleandraco for my red gems and just glued them on with hot glue!

Personal Notes // My friend Tara and I had been wanting to do Starfire & Dick for a long time, I'm gad we were finally able to make it happen! I wasn't entirely happy with my body paint situation, but I'm really happy with how my actual wig/costume turned out!

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