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Character | Hibari Isora
Series | Mawaru Penguindrum

Construction Notes // Our tops were patterned by Jessie, made out of cotton sateen, with plastic boning in the sides. They're lined in a poly cotton. The side panels are a sequin trim hand sewn on, lace hand sewed to the top, cording and buttons hand sewed on. Sheer ruffles are made of glittery tulle and held up with a few pieces of plastic boning. Necklaces are ribbon with stars found in the NYC bead district. Undies are made of white spandex, hemmed in V fold elastic. Gold stars on me and Amanda's butts came from the NYC garment district. We're all wearing capezio dance tights, and my shoes were bought from amazon. Wig is from Fantasy Sheep.

Personal Notes // These costumes were extremely comfortable and perfect to wear to katsucon!! Jessie and Amanda both love  this series so I was more than happy to be in the group with them.

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