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Character | Utena Tenjou
Series | Revolutionary Girl Utena

Construction Notes // Bought a pair of shoes, painted the white parts on with angelus leather paint, bought new laces and made bows from ribbon which I sewed on. I get them on by slipping my feet in, and made a pair of lifts to make myself a taller more elegant prince. Shorts are a bought pair of leggings I cut shorter and hemmed. The jacket is made from cotton sateen, lined in a really pretty off white rose print! It's all faced and nice but I'm still not 100% happy with the fit. Functioning buttons/button holes, and all the bias tape is hand sewn. the gold triangles are just craft foam painted gold, and the pockets are all fake, just hand sewn on! For my first try I don't think this turned out horrible but I'm definitely going to make another one before I wear it again. Wig is a stand in borrowed from my lovely friend Mariel who saved me when the wigs I ordered didn't arrive in time. Anthy's uniform also made by me.

Personal Notes // I am so overly emotional about Utena it's worrisome, this series means so much to me.

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