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Character | Yukiko Amagi
Series | Persona 4

Construction Notes // Skirt is a wool that's interfaced and dyed grey bought in the NYC garment district, fuku is twill and REALLY ANNOYING N BULKY and the collar is really lovely cotton sateen. The yellow stripes are bias tape topstiched on, and the symbol is drawn on by a milky pen. The sweater was purchased on etsy and I'm not 100% happy with it, finding a sweater for this is the hardest part since I'm really determined to get those cables. Headband is covered in red vinyl, shoes are embroidered using embroidery thread and the heel was painted grey. I bought my wig and fan on ebay!Glasses also bought from ebay and they kinda make my head look funny, probably gonna buy new ones when I wear this again.

Personal Notes // I love persona!!! Being Yukiko and Chie with Krista was really fun, she's perfect!!!

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