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Character | Wondergirl
Series | DC Comics

Construction Notes // Wig is from taobao, I don't remember the exact seller. Shoes I had sitting around, went to good will and bought some XXL jeans then took them in to get that insane bellbottom look. Red stars are metallic spandex heat n bonded on, then zig-zag stitched for security. Belt is made from pleather with neoprene inside of it for thickness/stretch. Belt buckle is made from craft foam with gold metallic spandex covering it. Bracers are made from silver pleather with red metallic spandex stars heat n bonded/appliqued on, filled with neoprene for thickness. The tank top is red milskin spandex with gold spandex heat n bonded and appliqued on to the sleeves/neckline. The gold eagle is made of craft foam covered in gold metallic spandex, sticky velcro'd to the tank top. Gold lasso is made from 3 long pieces of gold metallic cording twisted and hand sewn together.  

Personal Notes // We only had like 3 days to make costumes that matches and I already had supergirl finished and sitting around so wondergirl seemed like the obvious choice! Incredibly happy to have these aggressively Americana photos of me and tara, thank you as always Adam for shooting us!

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