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Character | Yoko Littner
Series | Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Construction Notes // I adore this costume! It ended up costing me more than I'm happy to admit, but I love how it came out so it was worth it! I made the bathing suit myself out of spandex, the bikini strings were little strips of fabric I zig zagged together. Hand sewed the yellow ribbon onto the cowboy hat, spray painted the belt with shoe paint, took in the gloves, made the bandanna and made a part in the back of the wig, and two clip on pigtails for it! Used 2 wigs from ebay. I also managed to find cowboy boots for her that have little stars on them.

Personal Notes // This is one of my favorite Yoko costumes, I think it's so sweet and I adore americana looks so it's right up my alley! I wish I had shot more in her before I sold this costume.

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