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Character | Yoko Littner
Series | Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Construction Notes // This was my very first costume I made EVER so there's a lot wrong with it, but considering it's the first thing I ever made I'm still proud! The boot covers were made out of 2 way stretch fabric which was a nightmare, painted with angelus leather paint. The Shorts are made of the same material! The jacket was a blazer that I thought fitted me well, so I hand sewed 2 way stretch vinyl around it. The collar is interfaced with cardboard, and the sleeves are painted with angelus. Goggles were purchased as is. I bought the belt and empty rounds, and holster from online gun shops. Little skull clip made of sculpy. Chopsticks bought and used as is. Bikini top bought and then matte leather look fabric was hand sewn over it, painted with leather paint. Wig was purchased from ebay. Every step of the way was a huge pain in the ass and I struggled enormously, I can't even describe how much sweat and blood I put into making this!! Was not the easiest of costumes to pick for my first time. 

Personal Notes // Double K was the comic that made me watch Gurren Lagann, which was a huge life changing event for me. This is also the costume that inspired me to really start cosplaying so it'll always hold a special place in my heart!! I really want to remake it some time.

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