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Character | Yoko Littner
Series | Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Construction Notes // Shoes were painted with Angelus Leather paint, and then glossed with spray gloss. Socks were made out of poly jersey. Undies are made out of spandex with a trim purchased in the NYC garment district. This was the first corset I've ever made! The facing is Satin, all the details were purchased from trim stores and hand sewn on. Grommets up the back, steel boning, 2 layers of twill and a cotton lining. Gloves were purchased as is, bracelets bought and painted. Skirt is gathered chiffon with a horse hair hem in the bottom that just stays under the corset. Wig is 3 wigs purchased from ebay and sharpie dyed with a foam core.

Personal Notes // The parallel works for TTGL are beautiful, I'm glad I got to cosplay from one of them!!!

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