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Bad Business 




Give Shockwave back her power core.


I need it.

Then build one yourself.

: P




I warned you about mixing up my closet system!!

new phone who dis?

Rumble get off Megatron's phone!!!




Boarding now.

Call me when you arrive at your hotel.

It'll be past your bedtime old fool.

I'll be awake.





How goes your progress?

Kill me >:(





It won't stop raining in Vos. My hair is a mess and Skywarp sprained her fucking ankle falling out out of the cockpit

Would you like me to bring you an umbrella?

Dont be stupid.

It's only a five hour flight.

Soundwave would throttle you.

Let them try.

You're cute sometimes. <3 call me tonight?

Of course.




What do you think of the color red?

I'll require more information.

Accent colors duh [image attached] we can't present a gray jet.

It would look better with blue.

I prefer red.

Of course you do.

It's better than purple!!


Did Soundwave teach you that?

It's a face they send me a lot.




[Image attached] Thinking about you

You should be illegal.

[Image attached] <3<3<3

This is making it very difficult not to fly out there.

[Image attached] I can do it backwards too.

You're going to be the death of me.

*Incoming Call*




I'm delayed another week due to the endless incompetence of my engineers

Another week?

cant you read?

We have invitations to the final showing of Lamenta. Prime will be there.

Take Soundwave. Prime is more scared of them than she is of me

Highly doubtful.



My apartment lobby said you've stayed there every night this week.

I miss you too.


Scrapper is already headed to the airport, I'll be on the next flight out.


Absolutely not!!!

Don't be ridiculous you can't clean this up on your own.

And you running here to undermine my authority isn't going to look good!

This is MY city! This is MY p roject! I'll figure it out!

I don't need you to do my job!!

If you could do your job right I wouldn't have to step in and fix your mistakes

Fuck you

I swear to primus if you show up I quit

Megatron fucking a swer me!

Call me immediately.



Soundwave says things are back in order.

How much longer will you be there?




You missed the birthday lunch, the caterers had your favorite lobster bisque.

I don't eat seafood.

My mistake.


Thundercracker and Skywarp arrived back last night. Where are you?



Just because you used your own accounts to purchase a hotel room doesn't mean I don't know where you are.

You're being ridiculous.




Your work there is done, come home.




I've been thinking about what I said on the phone.

I do trust you.

I shouldn't have claimed otherwise.



You are right, you don't need me.

Do you understand how unnerving that is?



I lost my temper.

Stay as long as you need.



We never had a first date.

Just something I realized.

We've only gone to work functions together.

First time you brought me anywhere we'd been fucking for months.

Do you think, if I wasn't already yours, you'd look at me twice?

Come home. I'll take you anywhere you'd like.



I'm sorry I missed your birthday.

I know it's a fake date, but I still wanted to celebrate it with you.

I even got you a present. I was going to try and surprise you.

You're really difficult to surprise.

Don't worry about that, we'll celebrate when you're home.



It never stopped raining...

I'll be on the first flight.



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